Yoga Business Sutras

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Your Offering To The World Is Truly Extraordinary 


We all know that yoga has the power to transform the lives of the people who practice it.  When we transform our lives, we transform the world.

As a yoga professional – YOU create that transformation.  You are very important,


You’ve been studying, practicing and training for years, totally immersing yourself in yoga.  The practice has changed you and now you feel compelled to share it with the world!  You’ve put in all this work, you’ve traveled, studied with masters and invested so much time and money, you deserve to live in total abundance.

Why then do you sometimes come up short?  Why do you feel the pressure of mounting bills, students loans, car payments, organic food costs, expensive rent, continued education tuition, the list goes on and on!

So what do you do?   What do you need to make your career work?  If you’re like a lot of yogis, you get more training, more certifications, more teacher trainings, maybe add another healing technique to your mix.  You continue spending more and more money on training, but nothing seems to work!  You continue to show up to classes with only a handful of people in the room, or worse – no one!

There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling of showing up to an empty studio after you’ve worked so hard preparing for your class.

“What’s the missing factor, how I can make this work?  I just want to teach yoga!” you cry out!

You keep adding certifications and training but your classes never fill up.  You go back to the waitress job, the bartending gig, the corporate ladder, the office jobs, the night jobs, anything to make ends meet.

What if there was a different way?  What if you COULD teach yoga and make plenty of money?  What’s the missing link to make this work?


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What Our Yoga Community Needs Is Business Training  

Wouldn’t it be amazing to create massive change in the world AND make a great living at the same time?

What would your life look like if you no longer felt the intense pressure of your financial obligations?

What if you could live in total freedom and abundance while sharing yoga with more and more people?

Imagine knowing that you are completed supported and taken care of by your thriving yoga business, so that you can focus on your students experience and truly serve them.

How would it feel to know that you are empowered with the skills, knowledge and tools that you will need to make this your reality?


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Welcome to The Yoga Business Revolution! 

We believe that helping yogis become better entrepreneurs is the key to unlocking a future full of radiant potential.  A future where everyone practices yoga, a future where you are fully supported and live in total abundance, a future where people appreciate and understand the value of yoga and yoga teachers!

We set out on a mission to create a system that would ensure this reality will come to fruition.   We drew on our combined experience of nearly two decades of business study and success to create a system designed specifically for yoga entrepreneurs.  We created a system that will take you on an entrepreneurial journey,  a journey that leads to your own sustainable, thriving business.  All you have to do is follow the steps we have laid out for you.


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Introducing: The Yoga Business Sutras

In this interactive online learning experience, you will follow along on this journey of 8 Business Building Modules.  Each module contains videos, worksheets and action steps to help you absorb and apply the information.  You’ll get instant access to the online course so you can learn from any computer in the world with internet access.

You’ll never feel like you’re going it alone.  When you join us in the course, you’ll be surrounded by other yogis who have big dreams of changing the world!  There’s a community forum where you can interact with others in the course, post your content and ideas, get feedback and share successes with your tribe.

This isn’t just a course created by a yoga teacher who learned business to round out their career.  We had a wild, passionate love affair with business first, then became devoted yoga practitioners.   Our perspective on business is unmatched in the industry.  You won’t find anyone that’s as passionate about this process of transformation as we are.  This course dives deep and ensures that you learn everything you need to create the Yoga Career of Your Dreams!  We saw a need for business education in our community and felt compelled to create this mission of transforming the yoga industry worldwide.


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Is This Right For You?  


This course is for people who are ready for real change in their life.  This work isn’t always easy.  You’re going to have to study, apply the information and practice.  Our clients get results, and we only want people are ready to work hard in pursuit of their dream yoga career.   This is only for yogis who are dedicated to the path, their practice and their students. 


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Are you ready to devote yourself to yoga and your dream career?

If so, will you join us?

We open The Yoga Business Sutras for enrollment several times a year.  If you are dedicated to yoga, your students and transforming the world – we want you on our team!  Welcome to your tribe.

Enter your name and email address in the box below and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we open the course for enrollment.  If you’re like us, you probably don’t want to wait to jump in.  We’ll go ahead and send you three expert interviews from our community event – The Yoga Business Summit.

This is your time!  Let’s show the world what yogis can do!


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